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The Power of Positive Thinking

Your life is a series of stories and you are the author.

Read the sentence again.  Did you realize this?  Does it scare you or make you feel powerful?

If you think about it, it is a very cool thing!  And it goes way beyond the glass half empty ~ glass half full concept.

For every event that happens in your life, you choose how you see it.  You get to write the story.  Many of your stories probably have similar main themes:

~ Nothing ever goes right for me.

~ People are always taking advantage of me.

~ No one pays attention to me.

~ Iím just not good at it.

~ They blew me off.

~ I canít catch a break.

But you donít have to think this way.  How self-defeating and depressing is it to think that nothing good ever happens to you?  Is your life really that different than others or are you just seeing it that way?

Letís take a really simple example.  You call someone and leave them a message.   They do not call you back.  You wait a couple of days and they still havenít called you back.

What do you start saying to yourself about it?  You usually start making assumptions.

They donít like me.  I give up.

They always do that to me.  Iím not going to try anymore.

They blew me off.  They just donít want to talk to me.

When someone doesnít return your call, do you REALLY know what happened?  No.  Since you are the author of your life, you get to choose what the story is!  

Instead make the story be something like this:

 ďThey must be really busy. I have a lot to offer.  I should call back!Ē 

ďThey must not have gotten my message.  Iíll try again.Ē

Thinking like this will make you feel a LOT better!  And, you'll be more friendly when you do talk to them again.  

Better?  YES!

Doable?  YES!

Now consider that you can do this with ANYTHING that happens in your life!!  How much better will feel?  How much more positive? 

Think about it - you can't always change WHAT happens to you but you sure have the power to change your story and thus your reaction to what happens to you!  Give it a whirl - you'll be amazed at the differences you'll see!

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