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Get Fired Up… Without Burning Out!®

by Carol Grace Anderson, MA




ore than ever before, we need to get… and figure out how to stay…fired up!

There’s so much change going on, it can be a challenge to keep up with it all. But take heart, big changes and challenges are happening every where. You’re not alone.

Stress and burnout are often a result of feeling over-whelmed…not having enough time or energy to get everything done. When this happens, every part of your life is effected. Your health, work life, family life, and social life are challenged. That’s when we become less productive for starters and can even become physically sick or depressed.

So what’s the solution? Here are three important tips to get you started and fired up again:

1. DECIDE. The first step is to decide to have a positive, fired-up attitude through these stormy times. Yes, you can make that choice. Let it become a habit. Realize that challenge and change makes you grow into a better, wiser, more experienced person.  When we eliminate the fear of failure in our lives, we can make some powerful decisions. At the recent winter Olympics, figure skater Sarah Hughes decided she was just going to go out there, do her best, and have fun.

That attitude helped lead her to a gold medal!

It’s not always easy, but deciding to go for it in a positive way beats the alternative. It’s a valuable choice for all of us to make. A fired-up attitude reduces stress both on and off the job.

To make the job easier, decide to spend more time with positive people, read motivating books, listen to upbeat fired-up music, get balanced and lighten up! We’ve got to stop taking ourselves and our lives so seriously.  Laugh more!  

    2. DISCOVER all the possibilities. After we've decided to improve our lives with a great attitude, then it's time for the next step... to discover all the possibilities to take us to our goal. This helps us to change effectively. Try out different options to discover what brings the very best results.  Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb. But it took thousands of tries before he discovered what worked.   Discover all the possibilities that work best for you.... at your job, with your family, getting healthier, improving  your technical skills, prioritizing your life ..... whatever!  

3. DEVOTE yourself to hanging in there while you and the rest of the world keep changing and moving forward. This is where the big, valuable stuff really happens. You can  take giant steps forward if you devote  your time and efforts to the important areas that need some changing. Just do a little at a time! Think like an Olympian. It may seem tempting and easy to quit, to lower our expectations, to lose our dreams. But if nothing changes, then nothing changes! Yep. To get different results, we HAVE to do something different. NOW is the time. And don't ever give up. We need you.

    Throwing in the towel just leads to a bigger pile of laundry!

Remember the 3 D's: Decide, Discover, and Devote. That's really all there is to getting started.

I wish you the best on your changing pathway. You really can get and keep fired up!


Carol Grace Anderson, MA, is the author of Get Fired Up Without Burning Out

She fires up women across the country. For more information  call...

          Anderson Programs: 




© 2002 - Carol Grace Anderson, MA



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