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Frugality and Being Organized

Frugality & being organized are often not seen as compatible. There are times when this true. I used to balk at the idea of spending money to be organized. But for what little I have spent on office-type organizing things the benefits have far out weighed the cost.

More than once I have lost money because I couldn't find that rebate form, coupon or bill (and ended up paying a fee because it was late). So if you're not organized, it may actually cost you.

I'm not advocating spending a lot in this category. I make a vow to budget for what I need. Let's say you want to get an item that's $15 and your budget is $10 a month. That means the purchase has to wait till the next month.

Yes, you may have something on hand that will do the trick. Many times I've switched containers that I owned already trying to make do. My growing CD collection is now very at home in a square basket that I originally bought to keep craft supplies in. That was a switch I was extremely satisfied with. Sometimes I was pleased with the results; other times it just didn't work. Don't take anything for granted that you might have already. I have worked minor miracles with inexpensive plain cardboard magazine files and not one is used for magazines. The plastic container I bought for CDs now houses plastic grocery bags.

It's also possible to barter for someone else's building skills so that you can get that nice wood container for your videos or what ever you have a need for.

Sometimes you might need that pendaflex hanging file system. You can usually find them on sale for $8 or less. To get an idea of what you might need, check out the office supply areas of stores, noting prices & variety. The kitchen/laundry area of a store can be a help to find organizing type units. Make note of office supply ads as well. If you have a home business, save your receipt for the deduction it affords.

However, if your organizing is not functioning to help you be more efficient you may need to spend a little to make it work. Ask yourself this question about your organizing system: "Is it controlling you or are you controlling it?"


Nita Jackson -You can read her ideas each month in her newsletter at Helping Daily Life Get Organized
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Helping Daily Life Get Organized
Streamline Your Life!



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