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I Choose, at This Moment, Not to......
2002 Julie Jordan Scott

How often do you hear from your children, your partner, your comrades in the business world utter those dreaded two words.  
You know the ones: "I can't".

"I can't take a break" or "I can't understand you!" or "I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel" or "I can't be a success at ......"

None of these "I can't" statements are truth.

The speaker may believe they are  truth, which to them transforms the "I can't" into concrete.

Instead, lets take some time to transform the thinking which begins the cementing process.

Look at this example: I choose, at this moment, not to  ..... "end this statement with whatever you are choosing not to do".

So, you would say, "I choose, at this moment, not to take a break" or "I choose, at this moment, not to take the energy and effort necessary to understand you."

Or "I choose at this moment not to use my flashlight to find the path to the end of the tunnel" or "I choose, at this moment, to not determine what it would take to be a success at .... and then single mindedly apply myself to my success."

This is one way to put an end to the dreaded "I can't" statement.  

Unless something is physically impossible, such as a Man giving birth, saying the words, "I can't" are simply false.  The truth lies in the choice.

Replacing "I can't" with, "I choose, at this moment, not to" keeps your integrity in tact, places you firmly in that space of time, and allows you to look forward to the choices in your next moments.

Plus its so simple.  Look at the letters.

At this moment

An acronym for "I can't".

Experiment with this expression this week. If you hear "I can't" cross your lips, replace it with the choice statement.  

Check in with yourself and see what a difference it makes both in each individual circumstance as well as in the big picture of the entire week.

Activate Your Passion!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach, Radio Host, Mother of 4 and writer who partners with Passion Seekers so that they can make more money, have more time, better health and improved relationships.  Free Passion Tools! or to request your No Obligation Catalytic Coaching Session, visit



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