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Copyright 2000 by Rita Fisher, CPRW/Career Change Resumes

OK., you really want this position. To get it, letís assume that you will even leave your comfort zone and do something you have never done before. Are you ready?

Do you want to dazzle your interviewers? Do you want to knock their socks off?

Here is a proven strategy to do just that. It has been done with instant success. I have heard of a job candidate who got hired on the spot after using this strategy.  I canít promise the same results for you but this is definitely a technique to emulate. I call this strategy: KNOWLEDGE / SOLUTION.

Here is the situation: you have an interview coming up within a week. Letís say that you are in the marketing field and you have done enough homework researching the company to deduct that they have a problem marketing one of their products. They just canít seem to penetrate a certain segment of the population with that particular product.

Here is what you will do: you will gather more information (KNOWLEDGE) on the company, the product, everything that is related to the situation. Of course, you wonít be able to gain the ďinsideĒ scoop on it but you will gather as much as you possible can to present a valid case. You will create a killer presentation. Use whatever technology you need to convey your message but remember: the simpler the better.

When you go to the interview, at the first chance you get during the conversation with your interviewer, present your SOLUTION. How? Just wait for a break in the discussion, stand up and calmly state that you understand from having researched the company that they are having difficulties with xyx product within the zyx market. Then give your presentation with the outlined solution.

If you are brave enough, start with this approach right from the start, instantly after the formalities of the introductions. Say that you would like to propose a solution they would be very interested to hear. Then state your case, including definition of the problem and discussion of a complete solutions strategy.

You will be acknowledged as a competent professional, a go-getter, a true gem. You might even get a job offer right on the spot. Now go get them!

A few more items to tote along to the intervew: donít forget to take extra prints of your resume with you in case you need to distribute it to several people. Also, take your references, prepared on the same stationery as your resume but on a separate sheet of paper. And, donít forget to immediately follow up with a thank-you letter!

Rita Fisher is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, a Career Expert and owner of Career Change Resumes, a professional resume writing and career marketing firm that guarantees interviews or will rewrite for free. Rita provides expert help on presenting your background for the desired career change. FREE e-zine and FREE power words.

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