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Take Pride in Your Choices

Geraldine A. Ferraro, former candidate for Vice-President of the United States

Today, in America, women can be whatever they want to be.  We can walk in space, and help our children take their first steps on earth.  We can run a corporation and work as wives and mothers.  We can be doctors and we can bake cookies at home with our six-year-old future scientists.

Or we can choose none of these.  We don’t have to be superwomen.  For the first fourteen years of my marriage, I worked at home as a mother and wife.  That was a fine profession, and nothing I have done since has filled me with more pride and satisfaction.  For me, it was the right thing.  Then I decided to work outside the home, and that was also the right decision for me.  Not every woman would agree with my decisions, but the point is, they were my own – I made them for myself.  I know that every woman can take pride in whatever she chooses to do…..

Let me share a letter I received from a Rhode Island woman with two young daughters, aged four and two.  “I brought my two girls to a rally for you in Providence, because I wanted them to see you.  I wanted them to know what they could aspire to, that the possibilities for them were limitless, that they could, if they wanted, be President, and that being female would not preclude them from doing or being anything they chose.”

That was really what our campaign was about – making America the best it can be by using the talents of every American.  And that is why, whatever else happened in 1984, I will never regret the campaign.  It was a gain, not just for women—it was  a plus for all Americans.  We took down the sign that said ”Men Only” on the door of the White House.  That was more than an idea for 1984 – that was an ideal to carry us to the year 2000 and beyond……

You are free to rise as far as your dreams will take you.  Your task is to build the future of this country and of our world.  You are our new global citizens.  Whatever you do, I remind each of you that your potential and possibilities at this juncture of your lives are limitless.

-an excerpt from Wellesley college Commencement Address 

Provided by :  Helene Lerner, TV host, Author, and Seminar Leader and reprinted with permission.

Go to for more information. 

If you would like to purchase her book or read more about it click here Our Power As Women : The Wisdom and Strategies of Highly Successful Women is a collection of 75 never before published essays from GREAT women.  Filled with motivating stories.



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